Learning in public, week 2 of my #100DayProject

September 04, 2020 . 3 min read




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The current education system and the way kids learn is not aligned with the real world - obviously this is my point of view and a lot of people might disagree.

The current education system is, for the most part, independent on kids age, really focus on the notion of standardized testing, in which children undergo preformatted tests that have a "correct" answer to provide a quantitative measure of intelligence. But is this the most effective way to prepare children for the real world? How do kids go about learning? How do we learn?

Psychoanalyst Jean Piaget defends a more qualitative approach based on children different stages of development and on the fact that all kids will go through the four development stages at different ages. In practice, that effectively means that we all go through the same development stages, however not at the same time or age. Piaget discovery and approach is very interesting as it challenges the way we are trying to programmatically teach kids.

Learning something new is very challenging and we all react very differently to learning, however I have to concur with psychologist Lev Vygotsky that defends that "we become ourselves through others". At the end of the day, and very similar to how kids learn, we tend to mimic others before we gain our own style in a certain topic.

For me learning in public - and going through my #100DayProject - is a way to get not only support from the communities that I am in, but also a way to learn from others as I go through numerous tutorials and online crash courses, literally mimicking others.

Slow progress

This week was somewhat slower, and that is perfectly ok.

My #100DayProject will try to focus on building a community for corporates and startups around the idea of collaboration and co-creation. On one hand, this community will serve corporates and people that are trying to drive change in a corporate environment and believe that tapping on value propositions from outside of their organization will drive value. On the other hand this will help startups on their engagements with corporates by establishing a common language, understanding and opportunities.

Despite slow I was, nonetheless, able to do a couple of interesting things:

  • Finalize the high fidelity wireframes for the project for all screens viewport, all made in Figma
  • Progressed on the definition of value proposition (WIP and to be validated as I go along)
  • Started to put together a repository of tools
  • Initialized validation sessions with people from the industry

Next week I am planning the following:

  • Continue to put together the tools and frameworks
  • Progress with validation of the value proposition
  • Start to create all UI components (probably will be using story book)
  • Start to think about the best CMS for the project

Still plenty to do! But will be interesting

Wrapping up

Remember, this is all about the process, putting the work at learning something new and to make sure you are able to retain as much as possible.

As part of the plan, I will be sharing progress on a daily basis @party-corgi. Alternatively, if you don't want to miss a thing just sign up for the newsletter, I promise not to spam you and that you can ask me anything you want about my #100DayProject.

Hope to see you around!

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