The project got a name: Framsup! Day 50 of my #100DayProject

October 23, 2020 . 3 min read




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Wow, I still can't believe that 50 days have gone by since I start this #100DayProject journey. In a way, I feel the need to stop and take this opportunity to reflect, however I will hold that back for another day, after all today is Friday :). Having said that I don't want to miss the fact that I am half way through this journey and as such sharing a couple of things that was able to do last week.

Don't know what I am talking about, no worries, just check the Framsup

Naming the project

I confess, I was totally struggling with the name for this project and toyed around with very strange names such as iKit and iBuild... yes, I know terrible. But the big problem was that I couldn't find a good available domain.

The name needed to be relatable to the topic and the fact that we will have tools and frameworks to help people think through when they are building new products, business or services. It was also important to have a reference to the startup community and ecosystem, that for the most part is responsible to accelerate and inspire innovation across different industries.

The name Framsup seemed a good fit with a good balance, not being to outlandish, neither to blunt. I am also happy with the way the illustration for the landing page turned out to be: two hands framing something... hence Framsup 🤣!


At the end of the day I wanted to highlight the importance of how framing a problem, a solution or anything is critical to get buy in from any third party, something that you probably know very well.

New cool features

This week I was able to put together more frameworks:

  • Assumption Mapper, to map your assumptions and understand how critical they are
  • Experiment Designer, so that you can think about ways to test tour hypothesis
  • Jobs To Be Done, to understand what should you focus on
  • Persona Builder, a tool to help you know the client better
  • Value Proposition, to connect the customer to the problem and solution in one statement

You will also find a new landing page with a toggle between the different "types" of tools as I felt the need to start to organized them.

Another thing that I have decided to implement was an <iframe /> embed code that you can copy and put it on your blog, webpage, or slides (provided you are using something like slides.com) if you would like to show and present the tool to your audience. I am not sure if this will be used, but it is and interesting idea.

What is next?

Definitely I need to continue to push more frameworks and drive more content that is relevant. There are so many that I want to publish and write about... it is just a question of time. If you have great ideas that you would like to share, please do it here.

One of the ideas that I will be also exploring is: having slides for every framework in there. Basically anyone will be able download each framework slide as a PDF.

That is it for this week, just keeping it short.

Hope to see you around!

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