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The most important problem of our times

Way before The Social Dilemma aired on Netflix, I knew that if I was using any digital product for free, I was the product. These types of…

Today is a special day

Today is our day! We just got married 💃. After 12 years living together, 2 absolutely amazing kids and loads of experiences together we…

You should have a digital garden

I seriously believe that you are using social media in a wrong way. It is interesting to note the growth in the number of social media posts…

Udacity React nd, the good, the bad and the ugly!

Four months have flown by, we had Christmas, New Year and I have finished my React Nanodegree course. I guess I am now a ReactJS and React…

APIs are the new railroad

Anyone that exchanged thoughts with me knows I’m a big fan of APIs as a means to create new propositions, business models and validate…

Why a Blog?

Why am I wasting time with this? Why am I using Gatsby, but more importantly why am I writing a blog in the first place? That is a very good…

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