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July 16, 2020 . 3 min read




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Today is our day! We just got married 💃.

After 12 years living together, 2 absolutely amazing kids and loads of experiences together we finally got married. It was not supposed to be like this but normally life has different plans for you. And you know, you have to love the serendipitous of life and just hold on to every amazing opportunity that life throws at you. For us, for me, life had it so that we were meant to get married. And it was absolutely amazing!

It is hard to put in words 12 years of life together, the cursor blinks, time passes and I struggle to put words on "paper". However I don't want to let the moment pass, in a strange way I feel the urge to write something down, to say a few words.

So here it goes.

We spent about 5 years in Lisbon, no kids, just us. For the most part, our lives revolved around our friends and family, the beach and sunset, exploring Lisbon seven hills, surfing the most amazing waves. We missed all of that, specially our family and friends. They have shared great part of their lives with us and I am sure they will always be there for us no matter what.

7 years ago we arrived to Singapore, Monica and Diogo have been born here. Southeast Asia thought us so many different things, we have acquired different tastes, different interpretations of culture, our lives are sprinkled with spices and different fruits, we have gained so many new friends. We are freaking lucky! But more important we are lucky by having done all of this together. All the challenges that we have gone through, all the things we have faced, we have done them together and as a result we are better version of ourselves.

My mother and my brother sent me an amazing poem from Fernando Pessoa that goes like this:

In all, there were three things: the certainty one is always beginning the certainty one must go further and the certainty that one will be interrupted before finishing.

From the interruptions, to make a new path, from falling, a dance step, from fear, a ladder from dream, a bridge, from search…the encounter.

We are lucky. I am lucky!

Marta, thank for everything - for being there when I need you, for pushing me to became a better person, for not agreeing with me, for agreeing with me, for bossing me around, for letting me do what I want, for arguing with me, for not saying a word, for organizing 1,000 things to do every weekend, for keeping taps with my crazy dreams and aspirations, for raising the most amazing little people, for everything! Thank you, I love you!

wedding photo

To us! To our little family and to a bright new future together.

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