Thinking about my headless CMS, week 4 of my #100DayProject

September 20, 2020 . 3 min read




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Time flies. Literally!

I have been working on this for 4 weeks now... needless to say - and this is not an excuse - that I have not been putting full time days into the #100DayProject - this is a side hustle.

This week I spend a bit of time thinking and playing with headless CMSs. I was looking for something that (1) could accommodate multiple users with different roles and responsibilities, (2) was easy to use and onboard anyone new to a project and (3) didn't break my bank account.

Ah... I was also looking for something that in the future could work and be integrated with Gatsby Cloud so that I can use use the incremental build feature that Gatbsy has.

The usual suspects

If you have been doing web dev with a JAMstack lense, are interested on the topic or write content for the company that you work for, you probably have heard of contentful, cosmic, sanity or dato CMS. These are fantastic headless CMS platforms that are very easy to use from both a content creator as well as a developer perspective.

If I would be only considering features any of the options previously would be perfect, super easy to use, a clear separation of concerns between data and frontend and I would not need to workout where to host them. However, their freemium threshold could be easily reached and once in the payed tier you are in for a surprise with prices from $99 to $499 a month!

For me that would be super expensive.

The open source world

After a bit of research I found this amazing website called headlesscms.org where you have a list of pretty much all the CMS platforms for JAMstack projects as well as their stats with figures around stars, forks and tweets as a mean to sort popularity.

The top three are:

All seemed fantastic and I really wanted to try them all before committing, however ended up to choose strapi for this project given that it allows for 3 types of roles with an un-limited number of users on their free tier. Not to mentioned that creating the data schema seemed super easy and intuitive.

The free tier of strapi is very generous and I reckon that it can accommodate the most demanding project.

Not a super scientific decision making process, but generally none are anyhow.

Wrapping up

Remember, this is all about the process, putting the work at learning something new and to make sure you are able to retain as much as possible.

As part of the plan, I will be sharing progress on a daily basis @party-corgi. Alternatively, if you don't want to miss a thing just sign up for the newsletter, I promise not to spam you and that you can ask me anything you want about my #100DayProject.

Hope to see you around!

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