Deploying Keystone-6 with Render

July 20, 2021 . 2 min read




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This post will try to explain how you can deploy your Keystone 6 app with Render and the main things to look out for when you are doing it.

A couple of assumptions or pre-requisites:

You can also check the repo I created for more details if needed.

Creating a Database in Render

Go to the Databases section in Render and create a database for your project, this step is very simple and you will need to define a Name, Database and User.

After that select the "Starter" plan and create the database. This will take a couple of minutes to finalize.

Setting up your Web Service

After that, in your Services section, set up a new web service and connect to your repo, or any public repo.

You will have to give the web service a name and select the environment - in this example we will be using node. In the Build command field you will need to type yarn; yarn build and for the start command type keystone-next start.


To make this finally work you will need to add your environment variables - I suggest you use the Env Groups to make things easier for you.

You should be able to "spin-off" your keystone app in prod, however you might face a couple of issues on your GraphQL API endpoint.

Enable your GraphQL

Now you will need to get back into your Keystone project and enable GraphQL in the keystone.ts file.


export default withAuth(
graphql: {
apolloConfig: {
playground: true,
introspection: true,

Add Prisma migrate deploy

Lastly you will need to tweak your Web Service scripts to check if you need to deploy your prisma migrations to the database that you previously set up.

In your start command you will need to have the following: keystone-next prisma migrate deploy ; keystone-next start

Hope this was helpful.

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