Ola, my name is Tiago and I am a dad, a husband, a strategist working in the innovation space and a developer apprentice. A couple of years back I moved to Singapore with my better half and our 2 kids have been born in the little red dot.

I have started this website as a small experiment to teach myself how to code, to share that journey and to put "pen to paper" on stuff that I like to do and to think about.

Hope you enjoy!


Briefly describing me wouldn't be complete without sharing a picture of my family 😎! For some reason I couldn't find a nice picture with the four of us together, go figure!


I have always toyed with the idea of picking photography, my first camera was a canon DSLR with a 50mm f1.4 prime lens and I loved the stills, the blurred effect and the process. However, I was never a fan of carrying the camera and lenses around. In fact, I hated it so much that I ended up selling everything.

Last year (2019) I started to notice that Diogo, my youngest, had way less nice pictures and portraits than Monica, my oldest. I was gutted, wanted to pick up photography again, but didn't want to break the bank, neither to have to carry a ton with me everytime that I wanted to take some shots.

Enter my ricoh:

my ricoh camera
my ricoh griii, design on figma

Small, powerfull and punchy - I started photography again.

Tech that I use

This little corner on the internet (a.k.a my digital garden) was built with gatsby, and I am using airtable and convertkit to manage emails, some of the pictures are being hosted in cloudinary, the blog posts and pages are written in Markdown and MDX.

In short a genuine JAMstack digital asset 🤣.

Useful links (in case you want to check the details):


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